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Do I need to remove the seats?

This depends on the extent of renovation. Most small repairs and surface restoration work we do not remove the seats. For larger jobs, removing the seats may be easier than working on them in the vehicle. We can offer you an estimate on the cost for removal and install.

Can I sit in my seat right after your done?

Yes the seats are safe to use right after we are done. We even have applied leather conditioner right after a seat is restored.

How long does the restoration last?

We have seen previous customers after more than 10 years still have no wear issues. However, every seat will refinish differently. The way you enter and exit the seat will be a large factor on how long the finish will last. Leather is soft and prone to surface wear. Be gentle with it.

How long does it take?

Most jobs take 2-4 hours. Some larger projects may take up to a week. Please schedule a consultation for an exact estimate.

How do you make the color?

We have been trained to match any color using a wide variety of pigments. These can be added in very precise combinations to create the primary and background colors in even the most difficult shades.

What products do you use?

We use commercial grade water based products exclusively designed for leather. We do not ever use solvent based spray cans, or any low grade urethane paint products. We never use exterior car paint products whether waterborne or solvent.

What is a leather dye?

There are many types of leather dye products! The correct product will depend on the leather finish. Most automotive leather finishes will require a water-based product that can hold dye pigments. This is applied with a Hvlp air spray gun and dried in thin layers. This application is very important and must be done correctly or the finish will be too thick. If the finish is too thick it will not flex and can fail prematurely. It will also not feel soft and flexible. We do not recommend trying this at home. It takes many years to understand the very best method for application to automotive seats.

Do you work on boats and yachts?

Yes, we offer On-site services to both haul-out yards and floating marinas. Vinyl repair, stain removal and even large scale retrofitting with color changes and large surface restoration are all available. Please see our photos section for some examples or call to set up an appointment.

My Mercedes seat bottom is torn open? Can you fix that?

Yes. We can order you a new factory seat cover from Mercedes Benz. We will need your VIN and a down payment . Once the part arrives we can install within about 2 hours. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the installation work.

What about installing a new factory seat cover?

We can install factory parts into your vehicle such as a new seat cover, new foam, and factory seat heater elements.

Can you replace my cloth seats with leather?

Not at this time. There are other companies that offer pre-made kits for each type of car.

Can you re-stitch torn seams?

If a small seam is torn we can and stitch this back together without removing the seat cover. If the leather is torn and the seam is longer than a few inches we recommend having an upholstery shop remove the seat cover and use a machine to re-stitch.

Can you repair purses and jackets?

We have successfully restored some jackets and purses. This will need to be assessed in person to determine if it is a good candidate for our process.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 1 year warranty on the color match and restoration products, excluding normal use and wear. We offer a 90 warranty on all repairs for vinyl and leather.

Do you work on dashboards and plastics?

Yes, we repair and recolor all types of dashes, door panels and plastic interior trim panels.

What about a tear in perforated leather?

We do repair holes and tears in perforated leather. Please see our videos and pictures for some examples of how they look. These repairs do take longer and can be more expensive due to the extra labor of restoring all the small holes during the repair process.

Can you come to my house?

We currently only operate from our retail store in Bellevue WA. Some car collections which require on-site work may be an exception.

Does Leather Tech Repair Vintage Car Leather?

Yes! We have repaired all types of vintage car leather seats. Depending on the condition of the seat will determine the amount of time it will take to repair or restore it back to like new. Get a quote today for your project.

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