Do I need to remove the seats?

This depends on the extent of renovation. Most small repairs and surface restoration work we do not remove the seats. For larger jobs, removing the seats may be easier than working on them in the vehicle. We can offer you an estimate on the cost for removal and...

How long does the restoration last?

We have seen previous customers after more than 10 years still have no wear issues. However, every seat will refinish differently. The way you enter and exit the seat will be a large factor on how long the finish will last. Leather is soft and prone to surface wear....

How long does it take?

Most jobs take 2-4 hours. Some larger projects may take up to a week. Please schedule a consultation for an exact estimate.

How do you make the color?

We have been trained to match any color using a wide variety of pigments. These can be added in very precise combinations to create the primary and background colors in even the most difficult shades.